Neural Semiconductor Limited (NSL) is a seamless technology service provider that aims to provide full package of solutions for both VLSI and software services with a vision to build the ecosystem along with.

NSL started its journey on April, 2017. Till then, we’ve been thriving for the best solutions to our valuable customers. We’ve been trying to figure out the bugging points of our clients and providing them the appropriate solutions. Thus, we’re adding values to their business.

While providing services to the customers according to their need, sometimes completely new problems arise where we’re to go through the problems in-depth. We need to redefine the problems to figure out the best solution. It’s the positive mindset of the whole team towards the problem that made us successful every time.


Our mission is to support Global Semiconductor Manufacturing companies with skilled and passionate engineers to reduce time-to-market & project cost as well as to enable sustainable business growth.


Our vision is to develop the ecosystem of the semiconductor design industry in Bangladesh by connecting the academics, graduate engineers, professional trainers, policy makers, industrialists and Non-Residential Bangladeshis (NRB) having technical expertise all over the world. To build such ecosystem our approach is to create the proper awareness, connect successful NRBs to bring appropriate knowledge, promote Bangladeshi skilled engineers and acquire global reputed companies as clients. We believe, this ecosystem will pave the way of Semiconductor Manufacturing alongside Semiconductor Design Services sector in our country.

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