Software develpoment services

We provide all kind of software development services using different technologies. We follow agile methodologies for developing our software and do regular collaboration with our clients. We provide 100% unit test coverage and adequate regression testing. We deliver high-performance, high-available, scalable and high quality software.


Web and mobile applications

Due to technology advancement, everything is going to cloud or getting online. Dependency on local computer or server is decreasing. It enables the collaboration from all corners of the world. It also reduces time and hardware dependency. To enable your business operation online and to smooth your day-to-day operation we’re here to create web-based applications. We’re building applications for clients from USA and Japan

Process automation solutions

In the practical world, companies do so many manual jobs to complete any process in their day-to-day life. Automation is the key to ease their regular business activities like report generations, data analysis, decision making, factor analysis, data presentations, system automation, applications development etc. We’ve a competent team with proven skillsets to manage these manual jobs. Happy clients as well.

Custom Software Development

There are lot of software available in the market. On the other hand, our requirement varies from company to company. We’re flexible to any kind of customization from client side and competent to fulfill that. We’re committed to any kind of requirement designing, creating, deploying and maintenance.

AI/ML Applications

We always look forward to adding values to our customers’ business. In recent time, applications based on machine learning are getting priority. Data driven analysis and decision-making precision are the key factors to such popularity of these applications. Companies are building machine learning based applications to implement artificial intelligence concept that allows to do analysis the business history, flow, activities and creates decision automatically. We’ve expertise to build applications based on machine learning and computer vision technology.

QA & Testing 

We provide software testing and quality assurance services for your software, REST API and system. We do quality assurance by both manual and automated testing. We test if client’s REST API conforms to API documentation. We also provide writing regression test service. We report bugs proactively. Our testing covers Manual Testing of System and Software, Automated Testing of System and Software, REST API Testing & Regression Test Script Writing.



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